mandag 11. mai 2009

Ch Aria's Satchmo at le Sphinx

N DK Ch Aria's Satchmo at Le Sphinx

Born: 14. May 2004
(Am Ch Katz Bayou Blue Haze X Am Ch Viktor's Rhapsody in Blue at Cameo)

Satchmo came to Norway from Texas in January 2005 to Norway - he did take his long flight with stride, and when we was well setteled back home, he blended in our pack at once without any problems at all. Satchmo are a boy that loves the show ring - to show off, and he have done more than well. I love his temperament, he is outgoing, non-agressive and just fun to be around. Satchmo gained his Champion title with ease and have
several BIS and BOG placings, and twice BOS at the Norwegian Borzoi Speiality Show.

No 1 - Winning Borzoi in 2006
No 5 Top Winning Sighthound in 2006

No 1 Winning Male in 2007
No 2 Top Winning Borzoi in 2007
No 9 Top Winning Sighthound in 2007

And 2008 he have just attended at 1 show.